Royal Gazette – Fancy a movie role? Here’s your chance – 20/12/16

A new film is set to be shot on the island early next year, with producers on the lookout for local actors.

The film, shooting under the working title Babymoon, will feature Kelly McGillis, star of Top Gun and Witness, along with Kate Mansi, who starred in Days Of Our Lives among other programmes.

Bermudians are heavily involved in the production, with Lucinda Spurling directing and Burnt House Productions serving as the local production house.

The film-makers will be hosting open auditions next Wednesday and Thursday, seeking local actors over the age of 16 for numerous supporting roles.

The thriller, to be filmed between January 23 and February 17, revolves around a couple who come to Bermuda for their “babymoon”, the last holiday before the birth of their first child.

However, the expectant father mysteriously disappears, and his wife Aubrey is shocked to learn that his mother, Rose, has arrived at their hotel to tell her that her son has had second thoughts about their relationship and the paternity of their child.

While Rose believes that her son intends to leave Aubrey for his ex, Aubrey convinces her that he has been taken against his will and his life is in danger.

The film reportedly has a total of 30 speaking roles, including supporting lead roles such as the detective investigating the case, the hotel manager and Aubrey’s parents.

A spokeswoman said: “No experience is necessary, but we are looking for as many true Bermudians as possible. We will be casting for police officer roles, hotel managers, hotel receptionists and hospital staff.

Open casting will take place next Wednesday and Thursday between 4pm and 8pm at the Into Bermuda office at Somers Building, 2nd Floor, 15 Front Street. Hamilton.